These are a few of the many links related to Beaufighters and aeroplane crashes in Ireland during WW II

The War Room, A detailed listing of all belligerent aircraft crashes in Ireland during WW II

The War Room page about the Beaufighter crash near Bawnboy

Flying in Ireland Magazine

Warplane Research Group of Ireland

The Historical Aviation Society Of Ireland (HASOI)

Thirty Thousand Feet - Aviation Directory

The Australian Government's World War Two Nominal Roll

Australian Government Nominal Roll concerning Richard Kukura & Certificate

Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon - Beaufighter

Wikipedia description of the Beaufighter

Wikipedia description of the Bristol Hercules engine

History of the Beaufighter

Excellent description & photos of the Beaufighter cockpit by Scott Taylor

Pete Myring's site dedicated to the "Forgotten Fighter", the Bristol Beaufighter

E.F.G.Burrowes_website with a Beaufighter-Manual (Unavailable at present)

No.272 Squadron RAF

The Bristol Beaufighter, 177 Squadron in Burma

Many of the sites above have links to other excellent Beaufighter resources

These are some links to good photographs

Czech Website with good wide and close-up pictures taken at Hendon

German site with links to two photos taken at Hendon

Hendon Museum collection with link to one Beaufighter

Other Beaufighter links

The complete story of the French Beaufighters (in French)


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