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The Irish Adventure of Richard Kukura and Tommy Hulme and the fate of their Beaufighter JL710

Media coverage

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Flying in Ireland Magazine Article
August 2006 issue

Flying in Ireland magazine cover

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Flying in Ireland August 2006 issue
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Flying in Ireland Magazine Article - Second page
Flying in Ireland August 2006 issue
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Radio Programmes
The two files below are MP3 format files from radio programmes which were transmitted about the events on St Mogue's Island.     I suggest you save the file(s) to a convienient location on your hard drive for replay subsequently.
As I'm not permitted to save MP3 files to the free webspace on the UTVinternet server where this website is hosted I have hosted them on a friend's server, there they may trigger warnings if your security settings are high.
RTE - Morning Ireland programme 19-07-06
6 minutes audio (5.5MB) MP3

This includes Frank Reilly's relevation that he helped Richard!
Northern Sound - All Points North
46 minutes audio (10.6MB) MP3

This MP3 is heavily compressed and the
quality is not as good as originally broadcast.