Bawnboy and Templeport
History Heritage Folklore
by Chris Maguire




Before Chris Maguire's untimely passing on 22nd February 2007 he lived with his daughter Aideen in Galway. While there he had on several occasions been shown the web site and as he was always one who wished to pass on knowledge he indicated it would be lovely to have his book, Bawnboy and Templeport History Heritage Folklore available on the web site for everyone because it was no longer available in print.  

Chris had often helped me and given me material for various projects and web sites I was making while he still lived in Bawnboy. I felt honoured to be asked to make some of his knowledge and research available to a wider group of scholars.

While I have tried to maintain the exact words there have been some situations where it would have been inappropriate to do so. Some words and phrases have had to be changed to maintain the integrity of Chris Maguire's work.
It should be remembered that Chris's book Bawnboy and Templeport History Heritage Folklore was published in 1999 and that dates refer to that time unless otherwise indicated.

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Regrettably, as many of the photographs were scanned from the printed book they are of poor quality particularly when enlarged. When I asked if there were any better or original photographs Chris' daughter Aideen wrote: "Some photos were of good quality but many reflected the camera quality back in those days and indeed there were many houses he approached who had neither photos nor camera!
Unfortunately the house fire which my father had some time later, destroyed much of his archival research, writings and material for further publications together with valuable photographs. It also destroyed his spirit which had worked so hard on such matters and all his academic efforts, notes, papers, references, books etc. were suddenly wiped."

The colour photographs on this web site (other than the Artist's impression of a "Bawn" by M. Cullivan on the next page were made available by Ciaran Maguire from his own and his Father's collection.

I trust you'll find at least some of the information in this book useful and hope that if you haven't already visited Bawnboy you will soon.

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Post Script  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ciaran, Fidelma and Aideen Maguire for their adivice, suggestions and help in making the conversion from the original book to web site. I would also like to thank Catherine Frendo in Sydney, Australia and Ciaran Maguire, in Bawnboy who extracted a very large number of meta tags from the text to use on individual Bawnboy village pages as well as the index page.

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