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A Funny Story 2

The Schools’ Collection, Volume 0964


The story on this page has been taken from the Dúchas web site, page pages following. An image of the original manuscript can be viewed on the Dúchas page as well as more detailed information about the informant and recorder of the story.
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Page 301

Templeport is a grand old place,
On this point we all agree,
But of all the places I love best
Is Killyran the home of the free.

It is not alone the place I love;
But those that dwell therein,
My friends go león I do adore,
The children more and more.

When first I came to Templeport.
My heart was filled with owe.
'Twas not alone the way I felt;
But what I thought and saw.

The little school, upon the hill,
May be seen from East and West,
The furniture is not very grand,
But in many ways it is the best,

Next comes our ancient church,
Founded by St. Mogue of old.
The clay, upon the island there,
Is worth its weight in gold.

At Ballymagovern once stood


Crom Cruagh.
Many people worshipped there,
Our Patron Saint destroyed it when
He preached Christ near and far.

In Templeport the scenery is fine,
No matter where we look we see
hills, vales and lakes, From every
little nook.

On Ballyheady Mountain,
Stands an ancient cairn
Three thousand years have passed,
Since first this cairn was made.

From the top of Slieve Russell;
When the sun is shining bright,
If you are fond of climbing
You will see a beautiful sight.

Then, all alltogether, let us praise
Our parish of Templeport.
And let us not forget, The view from Daragh Fort.

Collector: Anna Gault
Address: Killyran, Co. Cavan
Informant: M.E. Stafford
Address: Killyran, Co. Cavan
School: Killyrann
Location: Killyran, Co. Cavan
Teacher: Mrs Stafford



Thanks to Bernadette McGovern who transcribed this and a great many other pages of the The Schools' Collection, from the National Folklore Collection Archives.

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