Drawing of the book cover Water Under the Railway Bridge by Bill Gerty

10 The Gerty Family



Grannie Sarah, maiden name was Gregg, I do not know where she came from, all I know is that she used to write to a Gregg in Canada. She married James Gerty who used to work on the railway. When they were first married they lived in a railway halt at Ballyheady, some-time later they arrived at Killyran. They had five boys and four girls. They were John, Mary Jane, Sarah Ann, Francis, Edward, Isabella, George Ernest, William (my father) and Hannah Louise (Auntie Louie). Mary Jane and Sarah Ann went to Canada when they were very young. In those days people could not afford the fare to come home again so Grammie Sarah never saw them again. There would be tears in her eyes every time she got a letter but such was life in those days. Isobella died when she was quite young. George also passed away when he was about thirty. Uncle Frank was married to Lilly Graham and they had five children, Louis, Isabella, Pearl, Greta and Lily Frances. Uncle Frank also passed away when he was around thirty. All that remained of the family were John, Eddie, Louie and Sarah Ann in Canada because Mary Jane had also passed away in Canada aged twenty nine. By the time I got to Killyran Grandfather Gerty had also died. As you can see poor old Grannie Sarah had a very rough time during her life.


Uncle Eddie

Uncle Eddie


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