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27 Postscript


Some people may wonder what I did after leaving Killyran and joining the RAF so here is a brief résumé.
I served in the RAF in Northern Ireland and England from 1947.  Beryl and I were married in March 1955 and we had one daughter Jayne who is married to Michael.  We have two grandchildren Maria and Andrew who are now teenagers. 
On leaving the forces I worked for Percival and Hunting aircraft companies where we produced jet trainers for the RAF.  I also worked for the British Aircraft Corporation on the wings of the BAC... 1-11 some of which were purchased by Aer-Lingus.  In 1966 I got a job with the company who converted trucks for the Ministry of Defence and also for other companies.  I worked there for 28 years where I was workshop manager before I retired.
Beryl and I now live in Flitwick, Bedfordshire and occasionally return to Killyran for our summer holidays.
On the right and below are a few photographs of me and my family.
Lastly, I am indebted to my good friend Nigel without whose hard work and enthusiasm this book may never had got on the Bawnboy web site.

Bill Gerty in 1947
This is a photograph of me taken in 1947

Bill, John, George, Vera, Muriel & Masie Gerty
This photo of the Gerty brothers and sisters was taken in England in the 60's
Top row left to right - Bill, John, George.
Bottom row left to right - Vera, Muriel, Masie.
Bill and Beryl after their retirement
Bill & Beryl enjoying their happy retirement.
Below on the left is our daughter Jayne with her husband Michael, in the middle and on the right are our grandchildren Andrew and Maria.   Click to enlarge them in a new window. Pressing 'F11' on the keyboard will enable full screen viewing in most browsers.


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