About this web site and the booklet
Acknowledgements and Thanks


About this web site and the booklet

The purpose of this booklet and web site is to put on permanent record as much as possible of the history of the Crash of the Beaufighter JL710 beside St Mogue’s Island on 17th March 1943.

Although I’ve always been interested in the ‘plane crash on the Island and collected many small pieces of it I knew very little of the truth about the event.
The interest was re-sparked when neighbours who had a wide interest in WW II aeroplanes asked questions which I couldn’t answer. The meeting with John and Sue Patterson was the start of a lasting friendship.

Dennis Burke who runs the web site listing all the belligerent air crashes of WW II in Ireland <www.skynet.ie/~dan/war> was able to find at the suggestion of David Earl the Pilot’s name from records at the RAF Museum Hendon.
John Patterson who was used to researching genealogical web sites diligently searched for the name ‘Kukura’ and eventually found a Stephanie Kukura who some years earlier had asked on a genealogical forum for information about her husband’s ancestors. John wrote to her, surprisingly she still used the same email address and replied that she was married to a nephew of Richard the pilot of the aircraft .

This booklet and the web site tell the rest of the story as far as we have so far found out.

If you can add anything please contact and we’ll put the information on the web site at www.bawnboy.utvinternet.com/Beaufighter-JL710 where you should be to find the latest information. Alternatively you may visit www.bawnboy.com where you’ll find links to Bawnboy related web pages.

Some of the references on this page of the web site refer to items in the booklet only as they are available on other web sites and are linked to from the links page.

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Many thanks are due to: Richard, Olga, Nikki. Lynette and Stephanie Kukura without whom this booklet and web site wouldn’t have been possible.
The story by Richard Kukura in this booklet is part of what may become his War Time Memoirs and may not be copied without his permission . © Richard Kukura 2004

Liz Rothwell provided photographs and an article about her Father’s time in Ireland and subsequently which are much appreciated.

Thanks are also due to so many others who made useful contributions to the research, this booklet and the web site: Aidan McGovern, Benny Reilly, Ciaran Maguire, David Breiden, Frank Reilly, Gene P Owen McGovern, Georgie Gault, James McGovern, Kevin McCaffrey, Oliver Brady, Phil McManus, Seamus Brady, Sean McHugh, Sean O’Reilly, Sean Smith, Tommy ‘Tucker’ McGovern, Patrick Duffy, John Patterson, Dennis Burke and Dave Earl.
Apologies to those who have helped but been left out.

The photograph of Initial Training School, Pearce, Perth, W.A. was provided by the Australian War Memorial Collection.

The map on the page 46 of the booklet and this site is from the Ordnance Survey Ireland 1:50 000 Discovery Series No: 27A and should be available at all good book shops or from their web site at www.irlgov.ie/osi

Thank you to all the sponsors of the Commemoration ceremony on 16th July and to the many volunteers who made the day such a success.

Finally, a huge 'Thank You' to Sue and John Patterson for all the support and help with the preparation and layout of the booklet.