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Beaufighter MK VIc

Bristol Beaufighter Mk.XC - click to go to  Wikipedia Beaufighter  article

Full Name Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter
Type Long-range Day and night Heavy fighter - Light bomber
Developer and Primary Manufacturer Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd, Filton & Whitchurch, Bristol
Maiden flight (Prototype) 17 July 1939
Primary users Royal Air Force & Canadian, New Zealand and Australian Air Forces
Produced 1940-1945
Total Built 5,562 in UK + 364 in Australia
Wingspan 57' 10" (17.6 m)
Length 41' 4" (12.5 m)
Height 15' 10" (4.8 m)
Weight (Empty) 14069 lbs (6381 kg)
Weight (Full) 20800 lbs (9434 kg)
Speed 333 mph (535.9 kph)
Service Ceiling 26500ft (8077 m)
Range 1480 miles (2381 km)
Engine (Good picture & description here) 2 x Bristol Hercules VI 1,600 hp (1193 Kw) (14 cylinder radial, sleeve valve)
Max Speed 305 mph (490 km/h) @ sea-level. 320 mph at 10,000 ft (515 Km/h at 3048 m)
Rate of Climb 1,600 ft/min (487 m/min)
Crew 2 (Pilot & Navigator, radio operator,gunner)
Weapons Rockets, bombs or even torpedoes could be carried in addition to the arms below
Cannon 20 mm Hispano 4 below pilot in fuselage
Machine guns 0.303 2 in Port wing + 4 in Starboard wing

These specifications above have been taken from a number of sources and may contain errors, if you see any please contact us!


Below is a Beaufighter similar to JL710 presently on display at the RAF museum Hendon near London. It's included here to give an idea of the size of this aircraft. The photograph was given to my neighbour Aidan McGovern by people who came to research the crash and dive for wreckage many years ago. If you were one of them please make contact with us, we'd love to hear from you.

Beaufighter in RAF museum Hendon