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St Peter's Church is in the Parish of Templeport and is now part of the Swanlinbar - Kildallon Group which includes Corrawallen, Kildallon, Kinawley, Newtowngore, Swanlinbar, Templeport and Tomregan Parishes in the Kilmore Diocese of the Church of Ireland.

Morning Service is usually held at 11.30 a.m. on alternate Sundays.
Communion Service is usually held once a month.
Please click here for the current schedule of services within the Swanlinbar Kildallon Group.

The Swanlinbar Kildallon Group of Churches Website may be found at:  

Some of the genealogical information from the old church registers may be found here::


There has been a church at this site since the 12th century. There are Roman references to a church here in 1414 and 1426.
It probably replaced the old church on St. Mogue's Island and was acquired by Queen Elizabeth in 1590. It started use as a Protestant church in in about 1610.
The name Templeport comes from the Irish 'Teampall An Phoirt' which translates to 'Church of the landing place'.

If you find this website useful and feel like making a donation for the upkeep and repair of this lovely little church you can send it to:-   St Peter's Church Templeport (Repairs), C/o Ulster Bank, Ballyconnell, Co.Cavan, Ireland.


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