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All these photographs were taken with a relatively cheap (in digital camera terms) "point and click" Kodak DC3400 almost always set to automatic mode.

The software used to process the photos was Photoshop 6 with monitoring help from MS Photo Editor.

The HTML editor was Cute HTML Lite but subsequently Dreamweaver 3.5 was used as a learning exercise

This machine runs on Windows XP operating system

The system hardware is a home assembled machine with the following main components:

Abit BE6 Motherboard with 500 MHz Pentium III processor running @ 550MHz

Matrox G400 DH driving IIyama 19" VM Pro 450 & S/H Packard Bell 15" Monitors

Creative Soundblaster Live Value with a pair of Philips loudspeakers

Adaptec 2940 SCSI adapter card hosting:
Seagate 9.1 GB HDD + Seagate 18 GB HDD + Yamaha CR6416 CD Burner

On the EIDE 66 buss an IBM 80 GB HDD & in a removable caddy an IBM 40 GB HDD

On the EIDE buss an old S/H CD player, LS 120 Floppy SuperDrive + Zip 100

US Robotics Professional voice fax modem
Standard Floppy drive
Epson Stylus photo 750 printer
Epson Perfection 1200 scanner with transparency adapter


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