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Bawnboy Workhouse Co. Ltd is a diverse group of people working together to utilise opportunities which exist to preserve, promote and develop the old Bawnboy Workhouse for the local and wider community as well as the national heritage. The great value of the Bawnboy Workhouse is that despite the decaying state of the buildings, it is still a whole Workhouse and the only one in the country reasonably complete and in its original form. It needs immediate preservation to prevent further damage and decay.
Workhouse committee
The Workhouse Committee

The Workhouse Preservation Committee

From left: Peter McKiernan, Ann Maguire, Jan Dolman, Hugh Farrell, Sheila McKiernan, Tony Martin (partly hidden), Michael O'Reilly, Maria Gkinala, Paula Fahy (Chair person, seated holding workhouse pictures), Oliver Brady, Dymphna Headen (Secretary, seated), Pat Monaghan, Kevin McCaffrey (seated) Joe O'Reilly, Brian Brady, Michael Leech, Caimin Dolan, Owen Doonan. Nigel Rofe (behind the camera)
This photograph of the TDA sub-committee was taken at their meeting on 5th May 2010.



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