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Index of photo albums taken during the last decade showing the rapid decline taking place
Below are eleven folders of photographs designated by the date they were taken, some with few and some with many pictures. Please click on the image to the left of the description below to open the folder then select picture by clicking on thumbnail. N.B. Clicking 'F11' on your keyboard should open the window to full screen.
??-06-2000  |  Date added: 29.08.2010
This folder contains 20 photos taken in June 2000 by Yvonne of Carrickmacross to whom we are very grateful. It is very sad to see the deterioration which has taken place since then!
01-09-2004  |  Date added: 02.07.2010
This folder contains 11 photos taken on 1st September 2004 by Dymphna Headen
03-09-2006  |  Date added: 02.07.2010
This folder contains 22 photos taken on 3rd September 2006 by Dymphna Headen
08-03-2008  |  Date added: 02.07.2010
This folder contains 20 photos taken by Sheila McKiernan on 8th March 2008 during the time when Cavan County Council were removing the ivy off the walls and cleaning the yards.
30-03-2008  |  Date added: 05.06.2010
This folder contains 3 photos taken on 30th March 2008 soon after Cavan County Council removed most of the ivy off the walls and cleaned up the yards.
02-06-2008  |  Date added: 02.07.2010
The 11 photos in this folder were taken at the workhouse on 2nd June 2008
03-06-2008  |  Total images: 10  |  Date added: 02.07.2010
The 10 photos in this folder were taken by Dymphna Headen at the workhouse on 3rd June 2008 set however you may notice the grass & weeds have grown in the courtyards.
15-11-2009  |  Total images: 19  |  Date added: 05.06.2010
Orlaith Rafter & Niamh Shaw visited the workhouse on Sunday 15th November 2009 after launching the TDA calendar the previous evening.
You may notice the grass and weeds have grown a lot since the county council cleaned up the site!
Note too that much more of the kitchen roof has fallen in since the earlier photos were taken.
31-05-2010  |  Total images: 37  |  Date added: 05.06.2010
These 37 photos were taken during a walk about with Dymphna Headen and Hugh Farrell on 31st May 2010. Many show the considerable deterioration that has occurred since the last set of photos were taken only 6 months ago.
01-06-2010  |  Total images: 23  |  Date added: 05.06.2010
These photos were taken during the visit of John Toland to the workhouse. He explained to the committee members what grants are available from the Cavan & Monaghan Leader fund and how to obtain them.
09-06-2010  |  Total images: 13  |  Date added: 05.06.2010
These photos were taken during the visit of Derry Scanlon and Barry Wilson to the workhouse. Derry explained to those present what Cavan County Council could do and would like the workhouse committee to do.
Restored Bawnboy Workhouse Washing Machine  |  Total images: 32  |  Date added: 03.03.2017
The restored washing machine is a 'Vowel model A' made during the last years of the nineteenth centaury and the early years of the twentieth centaury.

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